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The first wedding I ever went to I crashed…

I picked up an unclaimed name tag that ended up being the groom’s grandma’s and I proudly signed the guest book. xo, dottie morris

That was in 2014… since then I became a wedding photographer shooting over 100 weddings, traveling to Australia and Thailand and all of Europe four times in between photographing Gigi Hadid for Anna Sui, sneaking into the John Varvatos after party, and generally finding myself in places too grande for my own good. Simply put, it all happened really fast.

Last year when I was struggling to rebrand myself into an artist and not just a photographer, I remembered my story about dottie and how much fun that adventure brought me, and I started to re-imagine my job.

I dove into what inspired me the most… meeting interesting people, traveling to new places, black and white photographs of Madonna, and a pink name tag worn by a kid pretending to be someone’s grandmother. That’s when I knew I had something special.

I spent months designing a new logo, a new website, some new bougie business cards, and I’m proud to say we’ve arrived at a whole new adventure.

Since launching dottie morris, I’ve moved to New York to work with clients like designer extraordinaire Vera Wang and industry leaders like Style Me Pretty… but I’m still delivering 100% analog film photographs and super 8 films to my clients who need a friendly artist at their wedding.

If you’re hoping to hire someone that’s worked hard at being anything but ‘just another photographer’, then you’re in the right place.

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